The TV has turned from a passive viewing environment to a very active one. Indeed, not long ago, the TV was sitting in the corner of the house and only used for an hour or two a night. Now, it has become a full-blown interactive experience if you download Kodi onto Smart TV.

Smart TVs have helped usher in a modern golden era of broadcasting, integrating all the strengths of free-to-air and paid TV with the infinite capacity of the Internet and online video.

Smart TVs are designed to connect to your home internet, either via Ethernet or wirelessly. From there, you can enjoy an entertainment experience unlike everything else by installing the correct entertainment software.



That is why whether you are a regular TV or a movie fan, installing con Android TVis a must-have in your living room.

The option to install Add-on is perhaps Kodi’s most interesting aspect, and enables consumers to install through add-ons that modify their interface.

The Open Source functionality makes it possible to users to create their own favorite add-on.

You should think of the Kodi Add-on as a simple framework that enhances the flexibility of the main program.


There are currently thousands of add-ons that can be linked inside Kodi to transform this media center program into the best online streaming platform.

As a result, there are so many illegal add-ons that users can download pirated video. Since Kodi is a free app, you install Kodi on Smart TV.

However, Kodi’s biggest downside is that streaming Kodi content is pretty tough because its interface is not user-friendly relative to other devices.

Kodi provides a very simple, clean interface with a lot of artists’ images, and album covers have a database of photos with a lot of information about the artists/albums collected by databases with certain skins, and you can have the lyrics on view. Each skin has other characteristics and relies on its taste.