It is pretty clear that anyone will like a portable TV headset. No one needs to be stuck to their wired TV, so the option of wireless over wired headphones is no brainer as long as you are not an audiophile.

If you are, and if you notice any small discrepancy in sound, then wireless is simply not for you, and you need choosing wireless headphones for TV.

Convenience of portable headphones for TV

If you are a normal guy who does not really distinguish between, say, car stock speakers and aftermarket speakers in sound quality alone, then watch TV with wireless headphones are a good choice.

There may be moments when someone in the house does not want to hear the Show, even though they are sharing a room with the TV.

This is when a good wireless TV headset package comes in really handy, because the only one who can hear the Show is the one who watches it.


I realize I enjoy having my wife in the same room as I do, but sometimes I need to focus on working and feel that the Television is distracting.

I do not really see it because it is behind me, but I can feel it. In this case, a pair of wireless headphones for TV would be perfect.

A wireless TV headset set can improve the quality of audio

Also, a decent pair of wireless TV headphones can direct and customize the sound for one user as opposed to many others. Even those who are not audiophiles will note a difference.

Stereo is a lot more … stereo, and there are different things that you just overlooked when it comes out loud and clear.

A lot of science goes into optimizing speakers, so it is reason that if there is only one person listening, it makes a lot of sense to have speakers who point to that person and are intended only for that person.


Your TV was built to create sound that was supposed to be heard by a lot of people-an entire house, if possible, complete.

Unlike portable TV ears, some concessions must have been made to stretch the size of speakers well beyond the one seated in front.

This might or may not negate the effect that merely being wireless may have on the quality of audio.

Forms of portable TV headsets

There are only two, but kind of three different styles of wireless headphones. Infrared, RF (radio frequency) and Wi-Fi.

In general, Bluetooth is an RF on a very small scale, which is good for minimizing interference from both the Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth system, but evidently bad for range.