Would you like to attach your mobile to your TV? We have now got more apps and mobile appliances in your house than ever before.

But many of us do not know how to play music from phone to Smart TV-because we think there is a lot of difficulty.

You may want to send some of the holiday snaps to your friends and relatives, upload a YouTube clip or video file in a higher resolution than your camera can accommodate, or play the Netflix series that you were watching when you were on the big screen instead.

Many TVs are smart TVs nowadays. That ensures that applications like Netflix, YouTube and the like are now linked to the internet – while you can still use streaming set-top boxes or sticks to view any of the video or television material you may normally like to watch.



Link to your HDMI TV

The most secure way to connect your phone to a TV is through an HDMI cord. Almost every TV should have some kind of HDMI port, which is used to transmit both video and audio from the same source.

Your phone does not have an HDMI port, but there are convenient adapters that can connect HDMI ports to mini USB, USB Type-C, or lightning ports on your phone. Whatever port you choose to connect from, make sure your cable is compatible with that connection.

Link to the USB TV

Looks easy enough, huh? Many mobile charging cables finish with a USB socket, making it easier to connect to computers or power adapters – so if your TV has a USB connection, it is a convenient way to get your data on video.

Technically, you are uploading files to view on TV, rather than sharing your phone’s monitor, and it is easier to look at your own images and videos than anything else.

Unlike your laptop or desktop Computer, you will be able to go to ‘Origin’ on your smart TV app and select USB. You will get a prompt on your smartphone screen that lets you upload files (rather than just uploading the app to your TV).


Link to a wireless casting TV

If you do not want to overload any wires or tubes, there is also a chance to use casting. Casting is a method of streaming video wirelessly from your phone or tablet by linking to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

Smartphone applications will be able to submit directly to your Screen, but most new Android phones and Windows computers will follow the Miracast casting model.